10 Best Places To Stay In Sri Lanka

10 Best Places To Stay In Sri Lanka



Kandy is the second largest city located in the central Province of Sri Lanka. It is in fact the mountainous centre of the Island. It was considered a world heritage site in the year 1988 and possess a cool climate making it more pleasant to stay and accessible than any other part of the island. The Kandy town has a compact atmosphere surrounded by tropical forests in the hill country as well as scenic beauty in the form of Lakes, rivers, waterfalls and exotic animals. The high end hotel accommodations in Kandy, corporate offices and shopping destinations where any requirement or souvenirs to be taken away could be purchased for a reasonable low range, are all types of buildings the town hosts.

Kandy has a rich historical background which is mainly depicted in its architecture. The hotel accommodation in Kandy reflects this historical significance. Their architecture reflects the influence of the British and other powers that invaded the country during the past. Hotels in Kandy Sri Lanka are numerous and they will contain not only spacious airy rooms with murals of paintings reflecting the traditional culture of the city but also equipped with modern day luxuries.

Kandy formerly known as senkadagalpura is also a sacred Buddhist site and was the last capital of the Sinhala kings until the British over took the country’s reign in 1815. It is also the sacred site of the temple of the tooth relic which is a world famous site for tourists as well as pilgrims. The temple consists of a golden roof and houses the sacred tooth relic which is heavily guarded and is only brought out during Poojas for the devotees and tourists to view. The tooth is in fact kept inside a golden casket which contains a series of Dagobah in diminishing sizes.

The temple is open from 5.30am-8pm, puja 5.30-6.45am, 9.30-11am & 6.30-8pm respectively and the tickets are priced at Rs.1500 per adult and free access for children.

An individual can get to Kandy by public transport such as bus, intercity train or even hire private vehicles to reach the destination. The Bogambara Lake also known as the Kandy Lake is of scenic beauty which is right beside the Dalada Maligawa. The annual Kandy Esala Perahera is the most famous festival in Kandy which is usually held in August which is a pageant where many elephants participate including dancers, torch bearers and flag bearers. During this time, hotels in Kandy Sri Lanka can organize a good viewing spot for you with food and beverages to enjoy the procession as they pass across their hotels.

The Royal Botanical Garden in Peradeniya or Peradeniya Botanical Gardens is the best botanical garden in Sri Lanka and one of the best in the region. The large banyan tree, the orchid house, the suspension bridge, and the bats are some of the main attractions. The Royal Botanic Gardens is open daily from 8.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. The ticket counter will be closed at 5.00 p.m. Tickets are priced at less than SLR 50 for locals and less than SLR 700 for tourists.

Nuwara Eliya


Nuwara Eliya located in the central province of Sri Lanka is also known as the city on plain. It is in the hill country with a beautiful landscape and cool climate and was founded by Samuel Baker in 1846. It is also situated in a high altitude and is considered one of the very important locations for tea plantations and tea productions in Sri Lanka. The city of Nuwara Eliya is over looked by the tallest mountain of Sri Lanka the Pidurutalagala Mountain and is well known for its cool climate and weather conditions and mostly visited by native travellers during the month of April. This Hill country is a retreat to any tourist or native tourist who could immerse themselves in endless activities such as hiking, bird watching, horse riding boating polo and golf.

Guests to the city of Nuwara Eliya can visit Ramboda falls, which is the eleventh most noteworthy waterfall in Sri Lanka with an elevation of 945m above ocean level and 109m high. Devon Falls is a standout amongst the most prominent waterfalls in the nation particularly due its unmistakable view from the well-known Hatton Nuwara Eliya Road. It is named after a pioneer English Tea Planter by the name of Devon and the Laksapana falls which is the eighth most astounding water fall in Sri Lanka can be seen in the City of Nuwara Eliya. Tourists and native tourists can also view the scenic beauty of Nuwara Eliya and the landmark buildings which retain the features from the English style colonial period in buildings such the Grand Hotel, Queens Cottage and the Generals house. Grand Hotel is one of the best hotels in Nuwara Eliya.

In Sri Lanka, best accommodation in Nuwara Eliya is unlike any other in the country. Because the town is situated in the hill country, the surrounding is absolutely beautiful and the best hotels in Nuwara Eliya has really made use of this fact. They have beautiful large gardens with colourful flowers blooming. Taking a stroll in these gardens early in the morning is relaxing and helps to appreciate nature at its best. Some hotels have observation elevators where you can see the fresh greenery as you go up to your room through the see- through glass. Because the weather is quite cold, there are heated indoor pools with of course pool bars for you to enjoy drinks in the evening.

The town’s attractions also include the golf course in order to enjoy the game of gold, boating in the Lake Gregory, and the city is also a base to visit the Horton Plains. The Horton plains national park is a key wildlife area of open grassy woodland which has a well attracted tourist attraction at Worlds end which is a 1050m precipice drop. Another place to visit is the Seetha Temple in the village called Seetha Eliya which is related to the story of Lord Rama in Hinduism. Folk tales state that the mighty Ravana kidnapped Princess Seetha and hid her in the location where the temple is situated now. All of these beautiful locations can be ideals sites to visit by hikers and trekkers who travel to Nuwara Eliya.



Ella rock is a lovely little explorer's centre point situated on the southern edge of Sri Lanka's wonderful hill country. It is one of the most popular tourist locations in the hill county for the voyagers and therefore has a sensible entrenched tourism situated economy, for example, a lounge for explorers, coffee espresso, fish sticks and French fries and hiker style bars are available exclusively to the guests. Trekking, climbing mountains or hiking are perfect in Ella with a wonderful mountain see.

It's situated amidst an excellent wide open countryside with little vegetable plots in the valleys, tea plantations on the slopes and woods on the hill tops. The atmosphere during that time is generally radiant by noontime. It will regularly rain toward the evening for a brief length however and in the period of December the rain flow is normal. A sweat shirt or a light coat will be perfect to be utilized around evening time. It is a pleasant unwinding base for exploring the encompassing nation with only a modest bunch of shops and a couple of bars and eateries in the region. Ella has a mail station and additionally a bank to withdraw cash when necessary with an ATM.

Trackers can especially enjoy the railway journey from Badulla to Demodara where the train does a 360 degree circle before traversing itself. There are breath-taking water falls, such as, the Ravana Ella falls one can likewise go out for a stroll through the tea estates to Little Adams peak which is located south east of the town centre and around 45 minutes from Ella and the view from the little Adams Peak is exceptionally fulfilling. Little Adams peak is popular for it beautiful nature with a climate of 26c and there are ample number of accommodation available which blends tastefully with the atmosphere to serve the trekkers, hikers and tourists and cater according to their preference.

A trekker or hiker who goes on trekking and hiking can interact with nature in many ways in Ella. Little Adam’s Peak is a popular site for hikers and trekkers as it gives a great experience while climbing. The atmosphere is filled with lush greenery, plants and trees and although the walk is lengthy it’s just worth the struggle to reach the top and the path is straight making it less complicated.

Once climbed to the top of Ella, the tourists, trekkers or hikers are able to witness the beautiful view from the top of the mountain and gives a perfect and clear view of the entire city. It looks mesmerizing when the clouds begin to move and the blazing sunsets are not to be missed.

Arugam Bay


Arugam Bay in Sri Lanka is domestically referred to as ‘Arugam Kudah’ and is situated on the Indian Ocean in the Dry region of Sri Lanka’s southeast coast which is also a historic settlement of the historic Batticaloa territory. The Bay is placed 117km south of Batticaloa and 320km east from Colombo and about 4 KM from the city of Pottuvil.

The primary settlers are predominantly Muslims and live in an area by the name of Ulla although there a large number of other communities such as Sri Lanka Tamils and Sinhala populace reside in the south of Arugam Bay village. There are also a number of international migrants mainly from European countries settled in this city.

Conventional fishing has constantly dominated the local economic system and tourism has grown unexpectedly inside the vicinity for decades. Surf Tourism is one of the most dominating in Arugam Bay and is very popular among the Tourism Industry. Tourists are also attracted to the beautiful beaches, lagoons, ancient temples such as kudumbigala monastery, Magul maha viharaya and Mani naga pabbatha viharaya and the National wildlife sanctuary in Kumana.

The Arugam Bay hosts a huge fleet of fishing boars which operates off the beach. The close by seashores are aesthetically appealing and has amazing waves than the primary seashore which is not quite appealing when compared to other areas in Arugam Bay. The surf points being the main attractions in the city, and loved by many surfers, the most popular being the Main Point is located towards the south of the bay. The surf point consists of a rock reef bottom making it much more interesting for surfers. Whiskey point, pottuvil point to the north, Elephant rock, Peanut farm and okanda to the south are few other breaks in Arugam Bay which are the most popular attractions for surfing among tourists both local and international.



Colombo, Sri Lanka is the economic capital and the most important metropolis of Sri Lanka. The Colombo Metropolis has a population of 5.6 million tentatively and is the business hub and the monetary centre of the Island and a popular tourism hub placed in the west coast of the Island. Sri Jayawardhanepura Kotte, is the legislative Capital of Sri Lanka and Colombo is often known as the Capital of Sri Lanka since Sri Jayawardhanepura Kotte is within the suburbs of Colombo.

The City of Colombo is an extremely busy place with a mix of modern life, culture and ruins and different ethnicity and communities. Colombo is also popular due to the large harbour and strategic positon in the East-West Sea trade routes. Colombo was also famous in the ancient era among traders who travelled back and forth for business purposes. Like many other cities in Sri Lanka, Colombo’s Urban area extends well beyond the boundaries encompassing other municipal and urban councils too.Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia, Kolonna urban council are a few to be named.

Colombo being the main city, is not only a home to lavish residential areas consisting of High end apartments and Hotels and other accommodation but also for Corporate offices, Banks, Schools, Hospitals run by both Government and private sector and entertainment venuses such as cinemas, theatres and game zones. Galle Face Green, Nelum Pokuna, National Museum, Viharamahadevi Park, the Harbour, Airport, Colombo Race course, Universities and Planetarium are a few famous landmarks which can be named. For tourists, there are many hotels in Colombo Sri Lanka where you will find good accommodation. You can choose a hotel according to your budget. Budget hotels in Colombo are many and you can easily find one by proper research over the net; some may provide food and even tour facilities as well. There are many five star luxury hotels in Colombo like The Hilton, Galadari, Kingsbury, Shangri-La and Galle Face Hotel that you can visit for a romantic and fancy dinner as well. These Hotels are usually hot spots for wedding receptions among the locals. The services when you stay at such a hotel in Colombo Sri Lanka are exceptional. When you make a reservation you will be sent transport to be picked up at the airport and also to be dropped off on your way out of the country.

Tourists could also do their shopping and fulfill their basic and other requirements from shopping malls, Super Markets and other stores situated in Colombo. Colombo Racecourse shopping mall, The Arcade, Majestic City, Liberty Plaza, Liberty Cinema and Crescat Boulevard are a few of the malls where groceries, clothes and other requirements could be bought.

The night life of Colombo consists of, bars, lounges, clubs housed in popular hotels with late night entertainment and live music bands which provide Hip Hop to DJ Music for a soothing mind and relaxation. These night clubs have a dress code and generally free for ladies. Beach Parties are also an instant hit in Colombo since lately and the party continues till dawn. There are also popular casinos for those who want to try their luck at gambling.



Kalpitiya is situated in Puttalam, in the North Western Province of Sri Lanka and it’s famous for its peaceful excellence. Kalpitiya comprises of 14 Islands and has an aggregate territory of 16.73km. The general populations who live in Kalpitiya are mostly fisherman and it is currently forming into an appealing tourist destination.

Kalpitiya is located 165km North from Colombo and one can arrive by a vehicle in 3.5 hours. Public transport too is accessible from Colombo to Puttalam or by a van or three wheeler could be contracted at a sensible cost to get about in Kalpitiya.

Kalpitiya rich in natural excellence has a fascinating history which backpedals to uncover that the landmass was related with maritime exchange and smuggling adventures since old times. It was at first colonized by the Portuguese and the entry of the Dutch in the end brought about the removing of the Portuguese from Kalpitiya to somewhere else in the Island. During the time of the Dutch the northern end of the landmass was utilized as an army base and maritime base to exchange supplies to the territory. The preserved Dutch Era Fort remains today and is currently occupied and maintained by the Sri Lankan Navy. The St Anne's congregation celebration is another lively yearly celebration held here for a huge number of Catholics fans to visit the tiny town to observe St Anne's celebration.

The extend of the beach in Kalpitiya is a home to various beachside inns and is a beginning stage for seaward whale and dolphin viewing and furthermore offers different water related exercises, for example, diving and surfing as well. There are reputed inns and resorts, for example, like the bar reef resort and Dolphin beach resort and many other accommodations which cater to the tourist both locally and internationally.

Kalpitiya is likewise ostensibly known as the best area for kite surfing in the nation during the time of summer. The kite surfing season is from May to October amid the south west rainstorm while the winter season is from mid-December to Mid-February amid the north east storm.

Nilaveli Beach

Nilaveli Beach

Nilaveli a town in the coast of Sri Lanka, is a very well-known place amongst those tourists, who frequently visit the pearl of the Indian Ocean. The area gets it’s name from it’s tamil origin, who are considered to be amongst the first settlers in the area, dating back to the 10th Century. The city is still largely a Tamil populated city, and was one of the most affected cities by the 2004 tsunami. This picturesque town just 16 Kilo Meters away from the city of Trincomalee is considered a tourist attraction, as it has a lot of unique activities within its city limits.

Some of the most famous tourist locations around Nilaveli, are the Pigeon Island National Park, which is situated in an island rock off the coast of Nilaveli, and is colonized by rock pigeons, that are a type of pigeons that is endemic to the area. Another popular tourist attraction in Nilaveli is the beautiful coral reef formations, which looks like Christmas under water every day of the year. Nilaveli is also rich in its biodiversity, with many endemic fish and birds, calling the area their home.

Above all this, what Nilaveli is most famous for is its beach, a lovely strip of bare land, with nothing but the beach and sea to be seen for as far as the eye could see. Nilaveli Beach is one of Sri Lanka’s most breathtaking sceneries, especially because it looks like a real life painting. This says a lot, when you consider the fact that Sri Lanka is known for it’s wonderful sceneries all over the country.

Nilaveli is also famous for scuba diving and snorkeling and Dolphin and Whale watching. So the next time you plan a trip to Sri Lanka, or if you are in Sri Lanka, and want to know where to visit, make sure you include Nilaveli Beach in your plans.



Pasikuda is a city located in the district of Batticaloa in Sri Lanka. It’s a historical native Tamil hamlet and a popular tourist destination both then and now. Tourism has also increased due to the growth and development of the city and is easily accessible from both Trincomalee and Batticaloa. There is also the facility of travelling by air from Colombo to Batticaloa via the International Airport situated in Colombo. It is also easily accessible by road or sea and takes roughly around 7 km to reach Pasikudah from Colombo.

Pasikudah is also known to have one of the longest stretches of a reefy coastline in the world where people walk kilometers into the sea because the water is just a few inches deep and the current is weal compared to the rest of Sri Lanka’s coast and is also the home to the sacred temple the Mariamman temple.

Any individual can dive into experience with a wide choice of water games and activities in Pasikudah, for example, exploring the seas to find the old ship wrecks such as the Boiler wreck, SS British Sergeant Wreck and the HMS Hermes wreck or the rich marine life and untouched coral reefs. Scuba Diving and Snorkelling excursions are conceivable in Pasikudah where you can find lively and vivid coral reefs in the eastern waters.

There is additionally the potential outcomes of going on boat rides on pre bookings during holidays. A man can likewise take up diving, Jet skiing, wind surfing, kayaking or get the administration of an accomplished diver for diving lessons or trips of explorations in the Pasikudah waters.

Pasikudah is an eco-friendly environment and safeguarding this superb resource is a duty regarding each one of the individuals who visit. Pasikudah is additionally a zone with cultural diversity and all guests are asked to spruce up appropriately to regard the neighbourhood culture.

Beruwala Beach

Beruwala Beach

It is one of the best beaches in Sri Lanka situated 60 kilo meters south of Colombo along the main west coast road in the city of Beruwala which is home to other tourist attractions apart from the sea. You can reach this place either by drive through the Colombo-Galle main road or catch a train from the Southern coastal line which begins in Colombo and ends in Matara. To the south of Beruwala is the fishing village of Aluthgama. The Bentota Bay Beach Resort is very close by and it is one of the most famous resorts for tourists in Bentota Sri Lanka.

Beruwala seaside out of all Sri Lanka beaches is called the ‘golden mile beach’ due to its golden sands, which is clean and doesn’t stick to your body and is well sheltered by the stretch of palm trees. The long stretch of sea line allows you to take a long relaxing walk or even a jog if you wish to get your workout done. Make sure to enjoy a sunset on this pristine location. The sea is safe and inviting and allows for activities such as Deep Sea fishing and Wreck and coral reef diving. Other water sports facilities include water scooter rides, parasailing, water skiing and wind surfing. There is the International lighthouse which is at close distance to this seaside in Barberyn Island which you can access by a ten minute boat ride. It is a well maintained building and you can catch a magnificent look of the beach and surrounding early in the morning or even catch a glimpse of a sun rise.

Do not also miss out to pay a visit to the Beruwala fishing harbour early in the morning as you will be able to observe how the fisherman bring home their catches in their multi-coloured large boats and canoes and is a very lively and busy site to behold. The fish market is filled with fresh produce of not only fish but prawns, lobsters and other. The smells could be quite unbearable at times but if you are living in a guesthouse make sure to purchase some produce and have it cooked and consumed to enjoy the authentic flavours.

Beruwala has originated from the Sinhala term ‘Ba Ruvala’ which meant lower the sails. As it is the oldest settlement of the Moorish community, where in 1024 AD the first Muslim traders from the Middle East settled, there is the Karchimalai Mosque, the oldest mosque of the island to be observed as well. It is a significant landmark of the island and is situated on a rocky mountain with view of bay and light house. It is quite busy during Ramadan season. There is also the Galapata temple displaying paintings of frescoes built in the 12th century. You can also visit the China Fort which is the gem trading fair of the country.

This seaside is a place you should visit not only for its own beauty but all the other lovely sites of importance and makes your trip worth it.



It is situated in the southern coastal town of Hikkaduwa, 17 kilo meters from Galle and 98 kilometers from Colombo and is one of the best Sri Lanka beaches that tourists visit often as the town is full of life and the sea is relaxing and beautiful.

Accommodation shouldn’t be a problem because there are many hotels, guesthouses and best beach resorts in Sri Lanka found in this area. The town is also well known for its night life and is one of the main reasons it attracts so many tourists. It hosts many parties, raves, concerts, events and festivals so make sure to attend at least one during your stay.

It is an internationally recognized place for surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing and boating. It has the only coral sanctuary of the Island, thus making up for an ideal snorkeling destination, the Hikkaduwa National Park which is a marine national park of a depth of five meters is situated in the northern end of the seaside and is home to important aquatic life of the country. There are many shops around to rent out snorkeling gear. Because it is well known for its coral gardens there are many glass bottomed boats to rent for a ride, especially if you don’t wish to get yourself wet. The best times to visit is November to April for a clearer view. Get your GoPro ready and head on to this seaside as soon as you can and try to spot the five kinds of angel fish and twelve kinds of butterfly fish if you can. There are many surfing instructors and classes around this area that can help you to learn if you don’t know how to surf. Popular diving sites around the area include Kiralagala, Godagala and Black Coral point.

There are many sites around this seaside to observe such as Gangarama Maha Vihara, which has paintings drawn over many years and Seenigama Vihara Temple located in an island. Two kilo meters inland from the seaside there is the Hikkaduwa Lake where you can take a boat ride to observe all the exotic birds and lizards. There is also the Moon stones mine which you can visit and a shop nearby to get a souvenir.

The golden sands and the cool sapphire blue ocean of the Hikkaduwa beach makes it a very welcoming spot for everyone. There are many turtles in this stretch of sea which swims very close to the shore and you might even be able to feed them some sea weed. If you want to see more visit the Turtle Farm and Hatchery only two kilo meters away from the town.

This place was left devastated by the Tsunami that hit the Island in 2004, and in remembrance of this disaster there is the Tsunami Photo Museum in Telwatta just a few kilo meters north of Hikkaduwa, make sure to pay a visit and appreciate the place for what it is today.

This is a place that will complete your journey to the country, so enjoy the stay.